Payments in our internet shop are safe. It does not require inserting any of yout credit card details or CVV and CVC numbers (it does not include credit card or debit card payments) it is good to use in case that you do not have a PayPal acount.Even that your payment is perfectly safe for you ,inasmuch as everithing goes through PayPal but without your registration.


For payement in our internet shop you can use:


Bank transfer - through email we send you our acout number where we want recive your payment ,there will be all important details for your payments ,amount and variable symbol that is allways the same as your order number. You only fill up in your online banking all these details and send it to us.Once we recive your payement , we will inform you of, through out an email. For time of five days your product is reseved with us. In case that you do not make a payement within a five days from the order date and you do not contact us through out an email for extending of this time, the goods can be sold to a difrent costumer. But once we recive your payement we will imidietly hand up your orderd goods to a carrier.


Payement through a PayPal - after you finish your order you be automaticly transfer to PayPal wher you log in in your PayPal acount to proceed your payment .We recive only information about email that you registerd with PayPal .This payment is faster. Payment is almost imidietly with us and we can proceed, and hand over you goods to the carrier.


Payment through credit or debit card - after finishing your order you be transferd to an PayPal acount ,where you fill up information about your card and PayPal send the amount to us. Information abot your card details stays only with PayPal .We recive only email informations that you used .This payment is good to used if you do not wish to register with PayPal .Payment is recived imidietly witch means that we can proceed and transfer your goods to the carrier. In case of any questions comments or confusion do not hesitate to contact us.