Our project bigens on the 5.of October.2015 .After two years of adding and colecting informations and ideas on social media we at last on 18.of August.2017 bigin our company FastForce.We are from Czech Republic and our focus is to make a company that will upgrade RC suspentions and chassis for RC rally. With that we would like to bigin an e-shop that would specialized on all components with RC rally.

Our company uses technology of 3D printing that is more and more popular in todays development. Bigest benefit in that is that we can udjust our parts to the individual wishes of our costumers. If its the costumer interested he can contact us and after a short brefing and consultatins we can make a part that would satisfy his needs and wishes. Unfortanetly 3D printing have dark sides too .Its time consuming and in that case we are limited when it comes to colours and materials. We hope that these small disanvatages wouldnt stop your satisfations with our products.

We would like to push our projects further and further, and with more plans we have more work to do. We hope that you like our internet shop and we promise to do everithing we can for your satisfaction.We looking forward to our cooperation with you .In case of any query do not hesitate to contact us right here. Be with us from bigening.

Yours FastForce team :)